TKG Platform, an all-in-one platform which is a ready built eCommerce website with multiple responsive channels online booking engine


TKG Platform owned by the Tweet World Travel group. Tweet World Travel group is an Australian owned company and is one of Australia’s leading travel Wholesalers and Tour Operators with the head office located in Adelaide and sales office in Queensland, Australia.
With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, we understand the challenges facing travel companies. We have utilised our extensive experience and knowledge of the travel industry’s dynamics to develop the TKG platform.
TKG stands for Travel Key Gateway. Our cutting-edge platform is tailored to the travel industry with solutions for Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Wholesalers. Our comprehensive platform features automation of the entire travel booking process and management in one place. With powerful tools at your fingertips, our platform empowers global clients to reduce operational time and overheads, so they can focus on developing new products and sales.
We are committed to provide our clients a stable and highly secure platform with fast delivery and high accuracy of data feeds.


TKG Platform’s mission is to help travel companies to grow their business with the right travel tech solutions.

Strengthen your brand, gain a significant online presence, boost customer’s satisfaction, keep track of your business at every touchpoint, and increase your revenue opportunities with our cutting-edge platform.

Our all-in-one platform is a ready built eCommerce website with multiple responsive channels online booking engine. You also enjoy access to the carefully refined service products of Tweet World Travel including River Cruises, Tours, Activities, Flights and Hotels which are ready to be sold right away to your clients.

By implementing the latest and secure Cloud technologies on our system, clients/agents can create and manage booking online at any time, anywhere, and on any device. Both travel agents and clients can keep track of reservations and payment history all in one place.

Our platform's backend features a powerful comprehensive dashboard featuring:

  • Travel CRM
  • Online Reservation & Payment System
  • Content & Itinerary management
  • Agent & Supplier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales & Purchase Order Management
  • Automated Invoice & Travel Document
  • Sales & Website Statistics
  • Workplace Collaboration
  • Financial & Commission management
  • 3rd Party API Integration



  • Twee Carroll: Chief Executive Officer
  • Martin Tran: Chief Financial Officer
  • James Vu: Chief Information Officer
  • Susan Frisby-Smith: Senior Business Development Executive
  • Andy Nguyen: Chief Technology Officer
  • Youi Phung: Technical Developer
  • Jaron Harrison: Technical Developer
  • Nathan Nguyen: Business Analyst



High Security and Stable Performance

...with latest technologies

Real-time Product Availability

...with latest contents

Highly Customised Modules suit any platforms

Multiple Responsive Channels

...with powerful Dashboard

High Accuracy and Fast Delivery

...of data feeds

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