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Travel Supplier Purchase Order (PO) Management System is one of essential features of our platform, fully customised and designed for the travel industry. This powerful tool allows complete control over purchasing process, maximising your business efficiency. It also boosts business workflows and productivity by retrieving and incorporating all information from sales orders (bookings), travel inventory stock as well as ensuring all processes and operators in between are kept informed with latest progress.

Our PO Management incorporates significant systemised processes in one place, supporting multiple PO items with information directly linked and synced from the reservation system. Relevant information tightened to the generated PO are also linked and synced across the platform (internal and external), providing and seamless sales-procurement cycle between the distributors.

In addition, the integrated PO Management System strengthens the sales process and makes purchasing process simpler by obtaining the most up-to-dated information in real-time performance from suppliers, when a purchase order is auto-generated. This automated process helps to eliminate most manual tasks in operational activities and allow business to focus on what matters, saving more time for planning and optimising cost saving initiatives.

Payment section in PO Management system also facilitates to track and recognise supplier payment accurately and timely. This allows business always to be up-to-dated of payments to suppliers, minimising outstanding payments significantly. You can also monitor business performance and profitability, with total supplier orders accurately aggregated in the graphical management dashboard.

Our Purchase Order Management System Features

  • Centralised Order Management targeting to multiple customer channels
  • Multiple secured payment gateways with fraud check feature
  • Seamlessly incorporated with the Inventory Management System to automate sales and purchasing processes
  • Purchase order synchronising for quick processing across supplier channels
  • Suppliers information extraction incorporated with Travel CRM
  • Status and purchase order update retrieval in both ways: customers and suppliers
  • Smart validation and alert by automating product stock checking and inventory update
  • Ability to handle offline and online purchase orders with direct linakge to Booking/Reservation System
  • Fully integrated with other business functions such as finance & accounting, payments, invoicing, CRM
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Benefits Of Having a Purchase Order Management System

  • Gain real-time insights into key business operations to make better management decisions
  • Manage effectively all purchase orders and related invoices anytime, anywhere by any device to increase productivity
  • Optimise your purchasing capability & PO management by retrieving and leveraging all information from other business functions
  • Identify urgent invoices and purchase orders to follow up and avoid missing payments
  • Save time and reduce human input errors with standardised Pre-built Templates with multiple items supported



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