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Online Reservation & Payment System

Backed by extensive experience and knowledge of the travel industry over the past 20 years, we have developed and incorporated into our platform a cutting-edge, comprehensive Online Reservation & Payment System tailored to the travel industry, which will ultimately lead to your exponential revenue growth. 

Our Online Reservation and Payment System offers reliability, security and user-friendliness to elevate the client’s trust in your business, leading to better brand loyalty and higher revenue. Your client can make a booking/reservation and make a secure payment via a seamless payment gateway.

By implementing the latest and secure Cloud technologies on our system, clients/agents can create and manage bookings/reservations online at any time, anywhere and on any device. Both travel agents and clients can keep track of bookings/reservations and payment history all in one place. 

From booking to payment, your clients/agents can enjoy a seamless experience because we completely remove the site redirection. Furthermore, multiple payment methods ranging from Enett, Credit Card, Bank Transfer to Paypal are supported, which provides your clients/agents with flexibility. Our system is designed to keep personal data safe, so your clients can be confident when making a purchase, ultimately improving the sales volume of your services.

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Online Reservation & Payment System Featutes

  • Real-time Booking/Reservation
  • Front Office Styling & Images
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Client Database
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Live Availability
  • Intelligent Calendar/Diary
  • Travel Document Production
  • Email Automation
  • Payment Status
  • Invoicing
  • Financial Transaction Administration
  • Discount Management
  • Commission Structure
  • Superior Data Protection
  • Client Online Account
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Benefits Of Having An Online Reservation & Payment System

  • Increase business efficiency by eliminating manual work
  • Gain smarter insights into your business with effective planning by demand
  • Apply the latest technologies to put you a step ahead of your competition
  • Provide hassle-free management of bookings/reservations with simple process and payment method flexibility
  • Offer seamless experience for your clients without site redirection
  • Provide flexibility for your travel business with in-store and online compatibility
  • Track easily all your travel bookings/reservations in one place anytime and anywhere



High Security and Stable Performance

...with latest technologies

Real-time Product Availability

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Highly Customised Modules suit any platforms

Multiple Responsive Channels

...with powerful Dashboard

High Accuracy and Fast Delivery

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