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TKG Business Application Integration Platform is a suite of enhanced components that enable system interactions between independent custom application packages within our entire 17 systems. This architecture allows mobile application development to become more straight-forward with high agility. While extra coding effort is being reduced efficiently, application integration through our platform shifts your operational responsibilities to TKG, enables your business put focus on more strategic initiatives and business improvements.

TKG application integration platform also empowers your business scalable and flexible application development capability, which not only limits extra cost on technology investment, but also boosts production efficiency significantly. Services and data customised and prepared in our application warehouse are fully standardised with high readiness, minimising integration effort as well as system investment.

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Our Business Application Integration Platform Features

  • Provide standardised, structured, and ready-to-integrated API endpoints with high compatibility on any device platforms
  • Provide the ability to create, publish and maintain constantly updated application data through standard API methods
  • Enable application data connection in both ways from application data to server and vice versa
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Benefits of having Business Application Integration Platform

  • Simplified application development processes enables your business to save more time and cost on technologies
  • Encourage data and information exchange across multiple platform
  • Reduce costs and investment on development and technologies
  • Avoid duplication of data inputs and manual human errors



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