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TKG Online & Offline Booking System is a cloud-based system providing both online and offline engines which developed exclusively for travel industry. It links and syncs with the Travel CRM to synchronise the data within the comprehensive system and this pipeline is the unique factor that makes TKG standout from the crowd.

The system facilitates travel agents and their clients through a complete functionality from the very first stage (booking enquiries) to the last steps of passenger journey. While the online booking focuses on customer experiences with a user-friendly and seamless booking process, the offline booking engine strengthens the back-office capability with a comprehensive booking creation tool. Both components function and integrate multiple booking engines commonly served for the travel industry such as tour, cruise, hotel, flight, and custom packages.

Whether for online or offline booking, the engine is capable of handling large volume of booking with live availability, storing and retrieving information which linked and synced with other modules across the platform (CRM, Finance, Supplier & Purchase Order to name a few). Through process automation, this comprehensive platform streamlines and simplifies booking procedure not only for end-client using the online booking but also for the back-office operators.

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Our Online & Offline Reservation System Features

  • Built-in Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights, Cruises, Tours and other custom packages
  • Built-in automated system for Booking & customer data transmission to CRM
  • Dynamic Travel Packaging system with multiple product types (for frontend and backend)
  • Integrated with global GDS supports both legacy and NDC technologies
  • Flexible pricing scheme with multiple currencies supported
  • Integrated secure payment gateways with various different payment methods
  • Automated Invoice Generator with predefined/custom payment rules and layout templates
  • Smart notifications and alerts to keep travel agens and clients with latest status
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Benefits of having Online & Offline Reservation System

  • Integrated with Multiple GDS and API sources to provide live and latest product availabilities.
  • Save time & improve productivity by automating all reservation tasks and significantly cut down operation costs
  • Increase probability of successful reservation through a simple but effective frontend booking process
  • Gain insightful visibility on passenger booking-related details and increase customer retention rate
  • Assure and increase customer trust by a secure reservation platform that protects all of client sensitive personal data



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