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Travel Customer Relationship Management (Travel CRM), is a core built-in component of our TKG Platform. This powerful tool, hosted on secure Cloud, enables you to manage your business efficiently all in one place. It is also closely linked with Master Data to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is reflected and utilised across Travel CRM functions.

Our Travel CRM is suitable for all parties within the Travel Industry, including Travel Agents, DMCs, Tour Operators and Wholesalers. With our Travel CRM system running 24/7, you are just a few clicks away from accessing your business contacts and managing activities required for your clients, agents and suppliers. It also lets you manage all your bookings, related promotions, deals, payments from customers and to suppliers, as well as travel documents for your clients with ease.

This powerful tool facilitates better communication and coordination with your suppliers, agents, and clients, consistently promoting exceptional customer service at all levels. By utilising our feature-packed Travel CRM tool, you can have streamlined business processes anywhere in one place.

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Our Travel CRM Features

  • Quote & Booking/Reservation Management with multiple product items supported
  • Automatic Invoice generation & management with built-in templates based on customer business types
  • Supplier & Supplier's Order Management with real-time linked and synced transactions
  • Comprehensive Customer profile builder for all client business types
  • Dynamic Filtering Tool for quick search and exporting functions
  • Travel product Management & Operation including all travel product types with highly customised packages
  • Multichannel communication with enhanced built-in communication technologies (video calls, phone calls, SMS, instant message...)
  • Built-in Teamwork Collaboration workspace to facilitate internal operational activities, focusing on quality of customer services
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Benefits Of Having Travel CRM

  • Streamline completely operations of travel and tour agencies
  • Enhance business efficiency with automated business processes and daily activities
  • Manage entire travel business in one single login from anywhere, anytime and on any devices
  • Boost travel consultant productivity by minimising routine tasks and eliminating human errors
  • Build and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and agents
  • Increase customer retention and boost new acquiring rate through a comprehensive customer profile database
  • Gain in-depth and solid knowledge in every customer-related business areas and opportunities identification
  • Manage client trips and support their journeys professionally by a single informative system
  • Boost sales with Deal & Promotion Management incorporated across all travel product types
  • Gain real-time management insights into your travel business with advanced CRM Management Dashboard



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