TKG Platform, an all-in-one platform which is a ready built eCommerce website with multiple responsive channels online booking engine

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Built-in E-commerce

At TKG Platform we offer an all-in-one comprehensive solution for travel platforms. With a ready-built E-commerce website featuring multiple responsive channels online booking engines, you will enjoy access to the carefully refined service products of Tweet World Travel including River Cruises, Tours, Activities, Flights and Hotels which are ready to be sold right away to your clients. 

Our travel platform’s Built-in E-commerce site is based on agile Cloud technologies that support both B2B and B2C. These cutting-edge technologies and a powerful search engine let your clients to view and make a booking instantly since the most relevant contents are retrieved in a blink with real-time availability. From booking to payment your clients/agents can enjoy a seamless experience because we completely remove the site redirection. Furthermore, multiple payment methods ranging from Enett, Credit Card, Bank Transfer to Paypal are supported, which provides your clients/agents with flexibility. Multiple currencies are available for travel agents to sell globally, which is powered by a robust and secured online booking system. 


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Our E-commerce Website Features

  • Integrated Agent Finder Tool
  • Latest Search Engine Technologies to ensure the most relevant contents are returned to the clients in a blink
  • Real-time Availability & High Accuracy Of Data Feeds
  • Direct Supplier Booking & Supplier Collaboration
  • Availability of Multiple Currencies for travel agents to sell globally
  • No Redirection When Clients Make A Booking to simplify the booking process and generate client trust
  • A Secure & Robust Online Booking System for the clients to enjoy their online shopping experience
  • Automatic Promotion Retrieval From Our Latest Offer to eliminate the need for manual update
  • Online Client Account Management
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Benefits Of Having An E-commerce Website

  • Generate revenue anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Earn revenue on a vast range of service product inventory from Tweet World Tours and Worldwide River Cruises
  • Gain a significant and effective online presence to boost client satisfaction and tracking progress of your business at every touchpoint
  • Enjoy various tools, widgets and banners available for your website to drive traffic and sales, increasing brand awareness and loyalty



High Security and Stable Performance

...with latest technologies

Real-time Product Availability

...with latest contents

Highly Customised Modules suit any platforms

Multiple Responsive Channels

...with powerful Dashboard

High Accuracy and Fast Delivery

...of data feeds

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