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Sales & Purchase Order Management

Sales & Purchase Order (PO) Management tool is an essential component of our platform designed for the travel industry. Our 20 years of experience in the travel industry serve as the foundation to create TKG Platform. This powerful tool allows complete control over sales and purchase orders, maximising your business efficiency.

With embedded pre-built templates in the tool, travel agents can quickly create and modify invoices in just a few clicks. All invoices are managed efficiently by taking advantage of the invoice's industry-based filters and statuses. You can view, modify and send confirmed invoices to clients online with one button click all in one user-friendly interface. You will never miss out on a client's payment again as this tool also allows agents to efficiently manage the payment stage of each booking/reservation.

PO Management, which is also equipped with industry-based filter/status, allows timely and correct placement of purchase orders to suppliers following clients' booking. The ability to manage multiple supplier orders for each booking ensures that all services are booked for your clients. Furthermore, you can utilise our built-in time-based industry filters to prioritise purchase orders for follow-up with suppliers, so you can manage cash flow efficiently.

With due date management incorporated into the Sales and PO Management tool, you will always be on top of payments from clients or to suppliers. Travel agents can also monitor business performance and profitability, with the total sales and total supplier orders accurately reflected in the management dashboard feature.

Our Sales & Purchase Order Management Features

  • Sales Dashboard with quick and accurate reflection of cash flow
  • Sales Comparison between different periods at different frequencies
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Industry-based Filter/Status
  • Invoice & PO Management with the ability to create, modify and view online
  • Due Date Management
  • Linkage with Booking/Reservation
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Benefits Of Having Sales & Purchase Order Management

  • Gain real-time insights into key business operations to make better management decisions
  • Manage effectively all invoices and purchase orders anytime, anywhere by any device to increase productivity
  • Optimise your sales & PO management by leveraging Industry-based Filter/Status
  • Identify urgent invoices and purchase orders to follow up and avoid missing payments
  • Save time and reduce human input errors with standardised Pre-built Templates
  • Maintain good cash flow with systematic control of payments from clients to suppliers
  • Enjoy higher client and supplier satisfaction with effective sales and PO management



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