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Workplace Collaboration

Based on our tried and tested teamwork experience, we have already built the Workplace Collaboration feature in the TKG Platform to service the travel industry. Your team can work together more effectively right away using our platform. With our Workplace Collaboration, you can collaborate effectively with your team 24/7, maximising your business productivity.

The shared calendar function helps you allocate tasks and plan team events in an effective manner, without back-and-forth communication with participants to finalise schedule arrangements. With task details and progress displayed clearly in the calendar, team members can achieve higher task completion rate and coordination.

Your team can work effectively together and track live team progress regardless of location with any device by utilising the built-in intuitive team messaging and workplace dashboard. The intuitive team messaging fosters open communication while facilitating a higher level of collaboration in real-time for your employees. On the other hand, the workplace dashboard, made possible by the linkage with CRM, is a centralised location to keep team members in the loop while providing at-a-glance team performance for better management.

Our Workplace Collaboration Features

  • Workplace Dashboard
  • Task Discovery
  • Task Customisation & Allocation
  • Linkage to CRM
  • Intuitive Team Messaging
  • Calendar
  • 24/7 System
White Label

Benefits Of Having Workplace Collaboration

  • Provide powerful collaboration tools all in 1 platform with task customisable to minute details to boost team productivity
  • Save time by eliminating in-person task allocation and update
  • Keep your team and the management in the loop effortlessly with Workplace Dashboard to improve team coordination and planning
  • Organise group meetings and events with ease by using shared calendars to improve efficiency
  • Help balance workloads by comparing calendar tasks of your employees followed by task reallocation
  • Offer internal transparency to stimulate employee engagement and management planning
  • Work together with real-time progress anytime, anywhere with any device
  • Improve communication efficiency by utilising Intuitive Team Messaging
  • Enhance operational efficiency by leveraging centralised data in CRM



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